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Treat Confectionery: dream sweet !

When I was a little girl, every birthday at my house was about one thing... the amazing birthday cake that my mom would surprise us with, creating beautiful and fun works of art out of cake, chocolate and icing.  I've never forgotten that feeling of anticipation and excitement that came with those days.  Here at Treat Confectionery, we look to make that feeling real for anyone who dares to "dream sweet".


We make custom cakes and cupcakes... all made to order and customized by YOU.


Our interest is to take your sweet dreams and make them come true.  If you've ever wondered what cake creation could be possible... we're here to explore with you.  If you've ever wondered what your child's face would look like on her birthday as you unveil the cake she's been dreaming of... we're here to show you.


Treat Confectionery has one goal... to make your dreams come to life in cake!

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