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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can my cake be delivered?


YES!  Delivery fees vary depending on: (1) distance from Treat to your delivery site; (2) day of the week; (3) and the time of day the delivery is needed.



2.  How do I place my order with Treat?


Placing an order with Treat Confectionery involves three basic steps:  (1) e-mail and/or phone communication to discuss the details of your order -- often this will involve referring to sample images to make sure we're understanding your tastes and specific wishes; (2) confirming the final details of your order -- this will come in the form of a confirmation e-mail from Treat Confectionery that you will be asked to respond to with a final "OK"; (3) providing Treat with a down-payment to reserve your slot -- we get many inquiries daily, so this is the only way to be sure your order is locked into our schedule.



3. Does Treat Confectionery have ready-made products for same-day pickup?


As we are strictly a custom cakery, all our products are made with loving care to meet the specific wishes of our customers.  We do not offer any ready-made products for same-day pickup.



4.  How far in advance do I need to order?


While every week is different at Treat Confectionery, we are typically requiring about 2-3 weeks of lead time to be able to fit customers into our busy schedule.  But it's always worth checking!



5.  What is the deadline for changing details about my order?


Order details (such as quantity of cupcakes or minor cake design changes) are able to be altered within reason up to 7 days in advance of the pickup or delivery date.  Unfortunately, details will not be able to be changed after that time, as much preparation goes into each one of our creations.



6.  What is the cancelation policy?


Cancelations with full refund of the down-payment are accepted up until 2 weeks before the date of the pickup or delivery.  Unfortunately, because other customers will likely have been turned away and because much prepration is involved in most of our orders, we are unable to refund down-payments on cancelations made after that time.



7.  Does Treat Confectionery offer tastings?


We do!  For orders over $300, we offer custom tastings for $30 per person.  Out tastings include up to 3 cake flavors, 3 frosting flavors and 3 filling options, if desired -- you choose!  For orders under $300, we still have a nice option for you to taste our cake -- we offer a 6-cupcake sample pack for $18.



8.  What's the difference between cake LAYERS and cake TIERS?


This is an important distinction:


"Layers" essentially refers to the height of a particular cake -- e.g. when you cut into a 2-layer cake, there will be two layers of cake with a layer of frosting between and would often be approximately 3 1/2" tall.


"Tiers" refers to how many cakes are stacked on top of each other -- e.g. a 3-tier cake might have a 6" chocolate cake on top of an 8" vanilla cake on top of a 10" coconut cake (if each of these tiers is 3 layers, this delicious example would be able to serve up to 78 people!).


We have a two-layer minimum for our cakes and our smallest round cake diameter is 4" (and 6" for square cakes), but the rest is up to you!



9.  How many flavors can I combine into one order?


Every order is different!  Generally, though:  (1) each tier can have its own flavor and filling option (don't confuse tiers with layers -- see #8 above); cakes 10" and bigger can include 2 flavors (e.g. a 2-layer 10" cake with a chocolate cake layer and a vanilla layer); standard cupcakes are limited to 1 flavor (and filling, if desired) per dozen -- e.g. if you order 2 dozen cupcakes, 1 dozen could be chocolate with caramel filling and 1 dozen could be lemon flavored with fresh strawberry filling; mini-cupcakes are limited to 1 flavor per 2 dozen.



10.  Is there minimum price or cupcake quantity for my order?


While there is technically no minimum price, our orders do start at $30 (e.g. a basic 2-layer 4" "Smash" cake with simple elegant design is $35 and a minimum cupcake order (1 dozen) is $36.




This is a 3-TIER square cake with 6", 8" and 10" tiers -- each TIER is 2 LAYERS.  This cake serves up to 54 adults.
This is a 3-LAYER 6" round cake (height approximately 5").  This cake serves up to 14 adults.
This is a 2-LAYER 6" round cake (height approximately 3 1/2").  This cake serves up to 10 adults.
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